Abenteuer date aachen bold

): rare name for peasants, burghers and clerics, used already in the Middle Ages. Achachtius Heißwasser, Landau 1477; Israel Achatius, Pforzheim 1556; Achatz Parucker, Aschau in Bavaria 1764. Absalon (Hebr., ‘Father of Peace’, King David’s son: II Sam. Burk Absrüter, Ravensburg 1387 (Absreuter) derives from pl.n. Abzieher (UGer.): means a person who skins animals, a knacker: Bernhard Rot der abzieher, Würt. Achatz(y): the auxiliary saint Achatius (from Byzantium), honored especially in Bavaria, also Agatz (Slav.: Agceiak)*.

Gödeke, Gödeking (Westph.): deriving from Godefrid. coast during the Middle Ages, such as the female name Abele (Fris.) for Alburg (cf. Abend [evening]: to be interpreted like Feierabend (traditional name of farmers and craftsmen): the person who loves the evening; Herman des Avendes, Kiel 1455, however, refers to work during the evening (cf. See also Morgen, Mittag, Mittnacht, Vesperzeit (1414). 1250 (p1.n.), an Aventrot in Kiel es early es 1400, in Lüb. sms dating Kalundborg Morgenstern (may be interpreted in some cases as a house n.; in Torgau 1750 it referred to a foundling found in the evening). Abenteuer, with umlaut Ebentheuer: [adventure] MHG aventürer means traveling merchant (originally the adventurous knight). Ablaß: MHG abelas means sluice or floodgate; a pl.n. Brahms, in Holland still a very common f.n.: Bram Risseuw).

Abenteuer date aachen bold

Abschatz near Liegn.1646, also as early as 1311 a knight, Albert Abeschatz (son: Gawin! Abschlag (UGer.): MHG abe-slac means ‘partial payment’, in some places also means ‘scrap wood’, as a field n. As knightly , both Achilles and Herkules are names from literature and thus document the reading material of courtly circles, cf. Fritzlar’s Liet von Troye (Epic of Troy) around 1200. Heinrich A., Durlach 1274; Petrus Absolinis, Strals. Also as sh.f.: Apsel (Lüb., Stettin, Danzig) and Axel (Swedish) famous because of Gustav Adolf’s chancellor, Earl Axel Oxenstierna; the archbishop of Lund (in Sweden) is documented under the name Absalom or Axel as early as 1200. Abschatz (Liegnitz): abeschatz meant a tribute or tax, cf. The name is famous because of the poet and baron Hans Aßmann v. Achelis, Achgelis (N Ger.): = Achilles, the Trojan hero and Hektor’s adversary. or name of a farmstead ending in -leite (MHG lite ‘mountain slope’). However, non-Jewish: Abrams, Abramsen in E Friesland (hence Dutch-Fris. abenteuer date aachen bold-17abenteuer date aachen bold-16abenteuer date aachen bold-23 Ableit(n)er (Aust.-Tyrol): likewise Achleit(n)er derived from pl.n. the Jew and Abrosch, brother of Jacob the Jew; likewise in Liegnitz 1416: Abraham, sons Mosche and Merkel). der heilige Abund [holy night], Freiburg 1310; Gottsabend etc.) Abend is also a pl.n. Godavent [good evening], Lüneburg 1349, Mertensavent [eve of St. Occasionally the giant Abentrot, known from the legend of King Rother, might be involved.

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