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It has also as its purpose the close co-operation of the member-states, with due regard to the Organisation and circumstances of each state, on the following matters: A. For each of the questions listed in Article II there shall be set up a special committee in which the member-states of the League shall be represented.

Thereafter it shall be convened at the invitation of the Secretary-General. shall inform the Council of its intention one year before such withdrawal is to go into effect.In case of aggression or threat of aggression by one state against a member-state, the state which has been attacked or threatened with aggression may demand the immediate convocation of the Council.The Council shall by unanimous decision determine the measures necessary to repulse the aggression.If it desires to do so, it shall submit a request which will be deposited with the Permanent Secretariat General and submitted to the Council at the first meeting held after submission of the request. the member-states have concluded on the questions enumerated in the preceding Article, or on any other questions.The League has as its purpose the strengthening of the relations between the member-states, the coordination of their policies in order to achieve co-operation between them and to safeguard their independence and sovereignty; and a general concern with the affairs and interests of the Arab countries. Nationality, passports, visas, execution of judgments and extradition of criminals. It likewise shall be the Council task to decide upon the means by which the League is to co-operate with the international bodies to be created in the future in order to guarantee security and peace and regulate economic and social relations.

Casual dating vergleich Saarbrücken

The Council of the League shall appoint the Secretary-General by a majority of two thirds of the states of the League.The Secretary-General, with the approval of the Council, shall appoint the Assistant Secretaries and the principal officials of the League.The Council shall mediate in all differences which threaten to lead to war between two member-states, or a member-state and a third state, with a view to bringing about their reconciliation. casual dating vergleich Saarbrücken-82 Decisions of arbitration and mediation shall be taken by majority vote.The Council shall determine the conditions under which these representatives may be permitted to participate and the rules governing such representation.

Any resort to force in order to resolve disputes between two or more member-states of the League is prohibited.Such principles shall be formulated as draft agreements to be presented to the Council for examination preparatory to their submission to the aforesaid states.Representatives of the other Arab countries may take part in the work of the aforesaid committees.In either case the decisions of the Council shall be enforced in each member-state according to its respective laws.Each member-state shall respect the systems of government established in the other member-states and regard them as exclusive concerns of those states.

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