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To the east, the mountains reach heights of almost 300 m above sea level at the Feistenberg (see above) and in the west almost 250 m above sea level at the Dumpf (244.9 m).

Offenbach-Hundheim borders in the north on the municipality of Wiesweiler, in the east on the municipality of Lohnweiler, in the southeast on the municipality of Aschbach, in the south on the municipality of Nerzweiler, in the southwest on the municipality of Glanbrücken, in the west on the municipality of Deimberg and in the northwest on the municipality of Buborn.

dating portal Offenbach am Main

Within Offenbach-Hundheim’s limits, the Ortsteil of Hundheim lies south of the Glan in the valley of the Talbach, which here empties into the millrace feeding Offenbach’s Klostermühle (“Monastery Mill”).There was also new building in the Gölschbach valley.Of the old monastery, all that was left by the 19th century was a shell, but was restored about 1894.Two Jewish graveyards have also been preserved, the old graveyard outside the village on the Trimschenberg, and the “new” one, laid out in 1887, beside the former Hauptschule.Offenbach’s sporting ground lies at the end of the new building zone on the Glan’s right bank.

Dating portal Offenbach am Main

German police today arrested a Tunisian man suspected of plotting a terror attack during mass raids on homes, businesses and mosques.More than 1,100 officers were involved in the early morning raids in Frankfurt and surrounding towns in the western state of Hesse.Offenbach-Hundheim is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Kusel district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde Lauterecken-Wolfstein. The municipality lies in the broad valley of the river Glan in the Western Palatinate.Offenbach was originally a linear village (by some definitions, a “thorpe”) on the Glan’s left bank, near which a monastery had arisen in the Gölschbach valley.

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The village spread out to the west towards the monastery and also towards the east across to the Glan’s right bank, where the monastery’s mill, the Klostermühle, stood.

Offenbach-Hundheim also meets the town of Wolfstein at a single point in the east.

Offenbach-Hundheim’s Ortsteile are Offenbach am Glan and Hundheim.

The Glan riverbed near the bridge between Offenbach and Hundheim has been measured at 171.3 m above sea level.

The Talbach has a downstream drop of some 10 m from the municipal limit with Nerzweiler to its mouth.

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