Dating sider danmark Vordingborg

That has enabled the archaeologists to see that the six-metre-long rowboat has had a long life.

It’s been patched and repaired over and over again.“The rowboat is almost fully preserved.

Archaeologists in the Danish town of Vordingborg have every reason to be excited.

dating sider danmark Vordingborg

But pictures from the period also reveal that high-status people could go for a ride in a rowboat.” The archaeologist says that finding a boat in a moat is special, since then you know that it has sailed there and you can guess what it has been used for., from the company La Passionata Svironi – Location : Space to be confirmed – – 12 pm – Meeting of Directors, artists and programmers around E-MIX.Location : Cafè de Cal Massó Tickets and info, contact the Festival Office and ask for Sra.The latter has never previously been found in Denmark.Lars Sass Jensen, who headed the excavation, says that a dating of the boat’s wooden planks reveals that the little vessel was in its prime around the year 1400.“A tree-ring dating of the rowboat reveals that the wood that the boat was built of was felled around the year 1390.

Dating sider danmark Vordingborg

So a good estimate would be that the boat has been sailing around in the moat around the year 1400,” he says.With this dating, the soon-to-be-opened Danish Castle Centre in Vordingborg can boast of housing Denmark’s only preserved medieval rowboat.The well-preserved boat is an incredible find, which Jensen does not hesitate to place on his personal top-five list of archaeological finds.”Finding it was amazing,” he says.“It popped up in connection with some sewer work we were doing. And as we dug it out, we noticed how exceptionally well preserved it was.” The boat has now been removed from the moat and placed in a water bath, so it won’t dry out before the restoration work starts.Han har insisteret på, at de skulle i gang og har haft masser af emner."RAK-MA-GAK" kredser om emner som "Efterår" som årstid, og hvad den giver af følelser og melankoli.

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Om hvordan det var at cykle, og hvor det også implicit ligger i tankerne, at Jørgen Leth ikke kommer til det igen.The only thing missing is a little section of one side and the part that the excavator broke off when we found the boat,” says Jensen.“Because it’s so well-preserved, we can see that many repairs have been made on it, and that the keel is highly worn.”He reckons the boat has been used over a few generations or perhaps even more.It’s not clear exactly how it came about that the boat ended its days at the bottom of the moat.Montse Fusté ( 34/977 010 650 o – [email protected]) – 8 pm – Spettatori – ‘Where is the Show?Kom med bag kulissen og få et indblik i en sangskrivers op– og nedture, kreative proces og alt det, musikbranchen også indeholder.

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