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Meanwhile, a charcoal-rich layer dating from the Alleröd was also found in India, and recently (not yet published) from the Late Pleistocene in South Africa and in Australia.

Worldwide charcoal horizons seem to be not very common.

Wendy Wolbach, after the discovery of the K-T boundary charcoal, made a literature search throughout the geological column, and found none, possibly because she had to rely on heavily biased literature, written by uniformitarians.

During the 1960’s, the charcoal-rich horizon was also found in England, but the British scientists never tried to find out what had happened on the continent during the Alleroed, they remained in splendid isolation, very much like the Germans, who never showed curiosity for the geographical extension of the conflagration, perhaps because of the assumed causal relationship with the Laacher-See volcanic eruption. The Dutch geologists, a fraternity of dogmatic uniformitarians, felt uncomfortable and tried to hide the discovery. While Hijszeler published his results during the 1950’s, an excavation for a cartunnel was made at Velsen, west of Amsterdam, and the exposed Upper Pleistocene and Holocene section was studied by a interdisciplinary team of sedimentologists, palynologists, archaeologists. A thin layer rich in charcoal also occurs in the Late Pleistocene, the Alleroed interstadial, with a radiocarbon age of about 11.000 years, and dendro-dated at about 13.000 years. Ager DV, Kloosterman JB, De Grazia A; 1977: An Alleröd Conflagration ? If the dinosaur extinction has become symbolic for the K-T massacre, that of the mammoth stands as a symbol of the end of the Ice Age. Clube SVM, Napier W, 1982: The Cosmic Serpent: a catastrophist view of Earth History.

Online dating Allerød

As a direct result of the K-T discoveries, the idea of a Universal Conflagration is no longer taboo in academic circles. Fleming RF, Nichols DJ, 1990: The fern spore abundance anomaly at the K-T boundary. The first plants to grow again were ferns, and it must have been a strange sight indeed, to the few animals that survived the disaster: an abundance of fern growing on a black substratum. The German geologists did pick up Hijszeler’s discovery. online dating Allerød-49online dating Allerød-80online dating Allerød-56 They found that the charcoal-rich layer was synchronous with the huge and unique explosion of the Laacher See volcano, the ashes of which have been found from southern Sweden to northern Italy, and they imputed the gigantic forest fire which, as Hijszeler had found, raged at least from Ostende to Hamburg, to that volcanic eruption. Björck and 10 others, 1996: Synchronized terrestrial-atmospheric deglacial records around the north Atlantic. Broecker W, Ewing H, Heezen B, 1960: Evidence for an abrupt change in climate close to 11.000 y. Let us not wait for the uniformitarians to agree, and let us not waste time trying to convince them.

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