Senior date Fredensborg

Johannesen presents the government and conducts a tour around Tinganes.

Visit to the Parliament ​​​​​​​11.00 The Queen pays a visit to the Parliament, where its speaker, Páll á Reynatúgvu, offers a welcome and leads a tour around.

The Queen is received by director Ólavur Rasmussen, who tells about the project and conducts a tour.

Visit to Tinganes ​​​​​​​10.30 The Queen visits Tinganes, where prime minister Aksel V.The Queen will be shown around and be present during community signing. Arrival on Sandoy ​​​​​​​09.45 The Queen arrives on Sandoy, which is the fifth largest Faroese island, and is received by mayor Brandur Sandoy.Banquet ​​​​​​​19.00 The Queen participates in a banquet at Nordens Hus. Visit at the art museum Listasavnið ​​​​​​​10.15 At the art museum Listasavnið, The Queen is received by museum director Súsan í Jákupsstovu, who will present works by Faroese pictorial artists.The Queen is welcomed by mayor Heðin Mortensen, who presents the members of the town council.Visit at the culture and music spot Renseriet​​​​​​​ 12.30 The Queen visits the culture and music spot Renseriet and, upon arrival, is received by Jóan Petur Hentze, who is the director of social and cultural affairs for Tórshavn Municipality.

Senior date Fredensborg

Banquet 18.35 The Queen participates in Tvøroyrar Municipality’s banquet at “Seglloftið”.Faroese dancing on the quay 21.00 From the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, The Queen views Faroese dancing on the quay before sailing to Tórshavn.Visit at Den Kongelige Enehandel 13.45 The Queen visits the village Tvøroyri and is received by mayor Kristin Michelsen. senior date Fredensborg-35senior date Fredensborg-23 The Queen is shown around Den Kongelige Enehandel (The Royal Monopoly) by historian Kári Jespersen, who tells about the times on Tvøroyri 180 years ago.Afterwards, Barbara Julsgart, the head of the senior citizens’ home, provides a briefing and conducts a tour.

Visit at the sports centre in Hvalba 11.55 At the sports centre in Hvalba, The Queen is shown a model of the rock cavern ”Hellið” from the island Lille Dímun, and afterwards there will be a guided tour of an exhibition about the coal mines around Hvalba.

The Queen will be informed about the latest archaeological excavations, which show that there have been settlements on the Faroes dating back to the year 400.

Sandur Village ​​​​​​​12.20 The Queen meets and greets kindergarten and school children in Sandur Bygd. Kronprinsessen er lige nu i Bangladesh sammen med minister for udviklingssamarbejde Ulla Tørnæs.

Visit at the Culture Centre Østrøm ​​​​​​​14.15 ​​​​​​The Queen visits the culture centre Østrøm, which is an independent sales and culture spot for Faroese designers.

The Queen is received by director Henrik Juul Hansen and is introduced to Faroese clothes and modern Faroese design.

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