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Railway construction firms such as Siemens AG and railway operators including the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB and Deutsche Bahn AG all benefit from WBN’s professional and strategic approach.

WBN can guarantee quality, reliability and short times to market.

Around 300 highly qualified technicians and engineers now work at WBN on developing solutions for special transport and logistics requirements.

Single niesky

When Deutsche Bahn AG acquired the insolvent company in 2008, the team at WBN hoped for fresh impetus in business.One of his teachers inspired him to work intensively on the topic of fungi, and together they published a treatise on fungi in 1805. chat dk gratis Norddjurs In 1807 von Schweinitz began to teach at the Boys' Boarding School in Niesky.Lewis David von Schweinitz, Moravian clergyman and internationally respected botanist, was born in Bethlehem, Pa.His parents, Hans Christian Alexander and Dorothea Elizabeth von Watteville von Schweinitz, went to Bethlehem when Hans was assigned to be the first administrator of the Moravian Church in America.

Single niesky

The company’s comprehensive service portfolio not only includes developing and manufacturing, but also the approval of wagons and the single components.WBN processes orders from its wide customer base with a strong focus on tailor-made solutions and comprehensive customer support.In a 2014 carve-out, Deutsche Bahn AG sold a 100% stake in its subsidiary to Quantum Capital Partners AG.The Munich-based holding recognised the opportunities and potential of the medium-sized company: WBN represents German engineering expertise, and is the European quality leader in the construction of specialist freight cars and high-speed bogies. ADTV-Tanzschule Matzke Strassburg-Passage02826 Görlitz Tel.: 03581/ 40 95 95Fax: 03581/ 40 95 96Handy: 0171/ 6537854Öffnungszeiten: Mo.-Fr.

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